A Hopeful Computer Science Student

About Me

Hi there, my name is Yingxiaoyang Hu, but you can call me Shawn.

Who Am I?

Other than my name, I've been called many other things, a dreamer, an ambitious person, and most recently, an entrepreneur. However, my proudest title would have to be a problem solver. As a computer science student at the University of Toronto, this could not have been a better compliment.

The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of who I am and what I have done. I will also be updating it with new projects. Please feel free to explore and make any suggestions you have.

Hopefully, my work will intrigue you. 😀


VIAplanner is a tool designed by students at the University of Toronto to help the community. We desire to enhance the course selection process.
Shawn's Portfolio
The repository that contains the source file I used to build this website. He didn't use webflow or wix? What is he, insane?
Flappy Bird
You may be thinking, why is this ugly thing on the website? But get this, I made it in assembly. 🤪
A startup aiming to eliminate the biases (e.g. race, gender) in the hiring process. On this platform, only your skills matter.
Fight Club
Do you love Naruto and Mortal Kombat? Well this is a fighting game where Anime characters fight each other.
Tired of looking for the weather through a pool of ads? Here is a dead simple app that gives you the weather forecast.

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